Directed By : Alex Keegan

Written by:                 Margot Connolly

Sound Design:        Anna Libbie Grossman

Scenic Design:        Susannah Hyde

Lighting Design:    Andrew Diamond

Costume Design:   Emily Palmer


The troubled teen boot camp, Crosswinds, sells itself to parents as a behavior modification program that will help their daughters. Within the walls something much darker awaits. When the campers hear a rumor that the program will be shut down if a camper dies, the girls plan their escape - by whatever means necessary.

The root of the score of "Tough" was taken from existing elements within the camp, for example a rattling fan, or a light switch, that as the play progresses gradually heighten to their most grating then musical forms. A distant air conditioning unit from the counselor's office slowly raises itself in pitch before harmonically weaving in with other elements urging the girls to violence.