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Islands Trailer

Islands Trailer

Lead Artist: Shih-Lien Eugene Yen

Programming:     Anna Libbie Grossman

                              Jeffrey Huang
Sound Design:     Gahyae Ryu

Scenic Design:     Jiyun Her

Lighting Design:  Pei Yu Lai

Video Design:       Jungwoo Kim

"We manifest, collide, and change with others"

A series of cube sculptures awaits around the space, each containing the belief of an emerging artist. Together, we preserve their ghost and transform it into a landscape. View the sculptures through our custom-made mobile app. The avatar of the artist will reanimate on top. Listen to their manifesto. Send them to a virtual world called Lacus, where they grow organically into unique ecosystems. Through gaming, we catalyze collaboration with their persona, against the odds of distance, personalities, and culture.

To create the landscape, each avatar of the artist needed a growth style that matched their artistic manifesto, but also allowed for change motivated in their collaboration/contact with other artists. To do this I created fractal-based L Systems to establish the growth pattern that then modified their rules and generational mutations off of interactions with others avatars.


I also expanded upon UniOSC’s C# framework to create communication protocol between the mobile devices and Lacus display to allow the audience to interact with both. Implementation of sound was handled through Wwise Sound Control, with mixing within the game engine happening in partnership with the Sound Designer, Gahyae Ryu. 

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