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Anna Libbie Grossman is a Sound Designer for Immersive/Interactive environments, VR/AR, Gaming, Experience Design, and Live Performance.

As Supervising Sound Editor on “Terra Incognita”, a VR Installation created by Ilana Kirschbaum, Anna led a team of sound designers and composers in creating and managing sound assets for both VR and Installation. Anna implemented and handled the object-based mixing of the audio assets in VR and oversaw the ambisonic mix and implementation in the Installation space. 


As co-lead programmer, Anna handled sound integration, device communication, and gameplay mechanics on “Islands/Seom,” an AR installation of digital encounters and world-simulation with showings at: DIG Slamdance, Indiecade Night Games, and SIGGRAPH Asia Tokyo. In Julie Bour’s “Solidus” Anna used contact mics to create a musical interface for the dancers to become instruments in the score.


Anna assisted Leon Rothenberg on Inkstories’ “Hero” (2018 Tribeca Storyscapes Award, Official Selection 2018 Sundance Festival), a VR installation published by Starbreeze Studios placing participants at the center of a civilian air raid in Syria. Anna has also assisted at the Pasadena Playhouse, Geffen Theatre, and Mark Taper Forum, and worked as Associate and A1 at the Rubicon Theatre.

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