Directed By : Ilana Kirschbaum

Programmer:                       Rose Malone

Supervising Sound Editor: Anna Libbie Grossman
Composer:                           Cassidy Swanson
Installation Ambisonics:    Martin Velez
Installation Video:              Shay Willard

                                             Ilana Kirschbaum
Installation Lighting:         Jesse Fryery

"What does lost at sea mean?"

Terra Incognita is a contemporary ghost story told through toy theatre, live performance, and virtual reality. It is the journey of a sailor across the ocean, and the journey of a daughter through grief. 

In the installation portion that bookended the piece our team focused on using a combination of Ambisonics and Object Based mixing to create the auditory world. In the Installation space, audience members could follow the voices of Miranda and her father as they guided them through the miniature scenes telling the story. In each chapter the auditory space would shift from tidepools, to the ship, to the ocean itself.


Within the VR, our team used object based mixing to experiment with the scale of the waves, and the audience perception. Caught in the midst of a storm, the music would be tossed around the audience as the ship was tossed at sea. The waves were specialized so that they grew and receded in line with the animated waves forming around them. Finally the dialogue would change from scene to scene from head-locked narration, to spatialized positioning to allow for audiences to explore the space and differing perspectives of the father and daughter.

Designed With: 

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