Directed & Conceived By: Changting Lu

Sound Design:       Anna Libbie Grossman

Scenic Design:       Sirun Bakrajian

Lighting Design:    Josephine Wang

Costume Design:   Xiyu Lin

"Do you really think you can save me?"

12 recorders hang from the ceiling of the space. An audience walks through them listening to a cafe conversation recorded and rerecorded slightly differently each time. A man, now grown, finds himself caught again in the memory of a young man's suicide. He cannot change it, though each time he visits Mr. Crow he tries.

The sound for Mr. Crow lived in two worlds. Documented and Emotional. The Documented sound was tied to practical objects onstage as either the source (as was the case with the camera, and one hanging recorder), or output (the remaining hanging recorders as well as a projector in the space). All of these sounds whether live or prerecorded carried the affect of the early 2000s recorders that the man used to document his friendship.

The Emotional sound was rooted in the titular Mr. Crow, who would disrupt the events through in his music, movement and vocalizations, captured with a floor mic by his perch, that were then looped back into the space into war with the practical documented audio.

Designed With: 

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